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Application for Vehicle Passes for Postgraduate students
by Academic Office - Wednesday, 9 October 2013, 11:35 AM


According to the instructions given by the University of Colombo, arrangements have been made to issue vehicle passes for Postgraduate and students of other extension courses. The application for Vehicle Passes can be downloaded from the following link.


Please download the application, fill it and hand over with following documents to the Establishments and  Administration branch to obtain your pass.

01.Copy of the students identity card

02.Copy of the vehicle registration book

03.Copy of the driving license

04.Receipt for the payment of Rs.100/-

     (This can be paid to the UCSC shroff during office hours)

05.A letter of authorization to use the vehicle

  (If you are not the vehicle owner)


Please note that this is very important and need to obtain the pass during next week due to security reasons.    

Senior Assistant Registrar