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For repeat students of MCS 1010 - Advanced Algorithms
by Academic Office - Thursday, 4 July 2013, 1:50 PM

 "For repeat students of MCS 1010 - Please not that there are only slight modifications to the content of the MCS 1010 syllabus this year (2013) and the modified areas are as given below.

Hashing - A hashing technique called Cuckoo hashing was introduced.
String Matching - Z algorithm was not done and instead Horspool algorithm was added.
Dynamic Programming - Matrix chain multiplication was added.
Shortest path - Requested the students to explore the running time when van Emde Boas priority queue data structure is used in Dijkstra's algorithm.

Minimum spanning tree could not be covered this year.

The paper structure is the same - 4 compulsory questions.

All the best!"